Innovation Broker® is a package of services tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs and innovators for whom innovation in business is the name of the game. Depending upon individual needs, FCP supports clients at every stage of innovation, optimizing the entire process and minimizing the risks connected with the sphere of intellectual property.

Our company takes pride in our close ties with Poland’s leading academic institutions, which, for our clients, translates into access to eminent researchers from practically every field of knowledge. In addition, our experience in working with business enterprises from all of Poland means we can effectively connect our clients with the right business partners for them.

Innovation Broker® services include:

  • Innovation audits
  • Raising external capital (EU, private capital)
  • Innovation management

Intellectual property
Establishing special purpose vehicles
Investment contracts
Technology transfer
Connecting clients with appropriate partners

  • Acceleration
  • Incubation
  • Exit services

At the heart of the program is FCP’s proactive approach to help our clients not only extract innovative ideas from the market and evaluate them in terms of intellectual property, technical feasibility, and marketability, but also prepare business and project plans, navigate investments (company formation, intellectual property rights, relevant permits, commercial readiness), and recapitalize their projects at progressive stages of development. We leave our clients the option of selecting only those particular services which relate to the current needs and stage of their innovation implementation projects.

Taking into account the current emphasis that the European Union places on the development of innovation as well as the significant funds which the EU has designated for viable innovation in its new perspective 2014-2020 budget, Innovation Broker® is the ideal tool to help entrepreneurs accelerate the development of their businesses.

Faber Consulting Poland works with its companion company The Prometheus Foundation of Regional Development. Among its business successes is the execution of the “PROM Incubator – The Commercialization of Five Innovative Business Ideas,” the goal of which was to acquire and assess innovative ideas from the fields of medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, renewable energy, and IT, while at the same time establishing five companies based on them. As a result, 5 such companies were indeed formed.