The Polish economy is a global economy. Accession to the European Union opened the door to European markets. To help make informed management decisions about entering overseas markets or making investments in them nothing can replace the know-how resulting from being present and active in such markets. Faber Consulting has for years bolstered its relations with international partners and has itself been an active partner, participant, and co-founder of international consultancy networks. We are proud of our work with the Gestiona network as well as with Civitta, M27, and Funding Alliance. Our partners are trustworthy and our consultancy network covers all of Europe. Our brand is a member of international institutions of the business environment and works bilaterally with various commercial chambers such as BPCC, PRCC, and TAITRA. We are proud of our strong relations with many diplomatic agencies in Poland. In the course of our professional existence we have organized many missions and study trips to countries which have been professional objects of interest (Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, the Caucasus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kaliningrad, Taiwan, and China). In the area of internationalization we support clients in every possible way – from straightforward market analysis to company placement. We have a plethora of research and reports for both Polish and overseas clients under our belt.