Faber Consulting Polska equals dozens of industries, hundreds of effective EU projects, and millions of EU sourced euros. We are a recognizable business partner that guides our clients from the idea stage to the stage of formally closing and settling a project. It is no accident that we have such a strong position on the market and so many satisfied entrepreneurs among our clients.

Besides the planning of projects, their management, and settling, we offer financial audits, financial rescue (assistance for struggling, problematic projects) and we keep track of all relevant sources and deadlines. We have expertise in dealing with Polish EU funds at both the national and regional level, “Norway grants” and Swiss funds, funds offered by both Polish and foreign institutions, foundation-based co-financing as well as commercial co-financing. We manage training programs of both the “soft” and “hard” (i.e., investment) type.

Local Government

FCP provides comprehensive services for local government bodies to facilitate the obtainment of project funding. We prepare indispensable application documents, develop proposals, and support beneficiaries during their assessment stages.

At FCP we can boast a host of successes regarding the obtainment of funding designated for revitalization, infrastructure improvement, environmental protection, and cultural endeavors. What’s more, we prepare both strategic and operational documents for local government bodies. Such documents cover strategies, action plans, and the like.

The Health Care Industry

From the very beginning Faber Consulting Polska has put great emphasis on close co-operation with health care industry institutions. The result? Securing financial backing for a multitude of grant-seeking applications directed towards programs at both the national and international level (such programs include as Regional Operational Program, the Operational Program for Infrastructure and the Environment, EEA funds and Norway grants). Our services also extend to difficult cases connected with hospital modernization and restructuring. Our list of clients includes:

  • Antoni Jurasz University Hospital No. 1 in Bydgoszcz
  • Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital in Warsaw
  • John of God Public Hospital in Lublin
  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • Public Center of Health in Gryfice


We support NGOs. We are one of the forerunners of fundraising in Poland. Faber Consulting Polska proudly offers services aimed towards subsidiaries of greater structures – we are able to prepare project management strategies for entire associations, groups, consortiums, and BEIs. Services of this domain are negotiated individually and include:

  • locating sources of financing
  • analysis of eligibility for expenditure
  • financial analysis of the contracting authority’s own contribution in projects
  • analysis of the possibility of enlisting entrepreneurs to participate in planned undertakings
  • analysis of organizational and technical feasibility
  • analysis of financial and economic feasibility
  • variant analysis
  • SWOT analysis and risk analysis
  • analysis regarding public aide